Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Traveler from Flin Flon

I travel to Canada occasionally for business.  And, I very much like going to Winnipeg.   I like the city.   I like the people.   There is a nice "feel" about the city.

On a Friday night, after a long week, a long walk to relax, and a nice dinner, I decided to check the hotel bar to see what may be happening.  This was where Walle Larsson was playing.  I grabbed a seat at the bar and ordered a drink.  

The music was good.  And, I did the photos of Walle.    I guess when you put a big camera on the bar next to you, it attracts some attention.  

Meet Sean!

He was seated around the bar corner and we were able to chat.   I was very excited to learn he was from Flin Flon and was down for his daughter's swimming meet.  I have been wondering about Flin Flon for some time.  It's a long drive from Winnipeg.  But, I thought it would be a beautiful drive and a beautiful area.  

Sean confirmed all of that for me!  And, he was gracious enough to volunteer to take me fishing if I can get up there!  I just may take him up on that this summer!   I also learned that Sean was a passionate Vikings fan and had been to Minneapolis a few times for games.  So Sean, if you get down to Minneapolis for a game in the new stadium, let me know.  The first round is on me!

Thanks Sean!   I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and the conversation.  I will definitely let you know if I am coming up that way.  I would love to see the town!

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