Friday, March 11, 2016

The Sportsman's Show: Leather Works

Meet Todd and Sarah Miller from Miller Leatherworks. 

They make the most interesting products I saw that day,   They make glasses out of leather.  They don't wrap the leather around the glass.  The actual container is made of leather and coated to withstand washing, etc.

Todd calls them "shooter" glasses.   See above and below for the larger drinking glasses, perfect for your choice of adult beverages.

Or, you can get a set of smaller shot glasses.  Again, these are 100% leather!

But, the most interesting product is a mug made out of the raw material below.  Care to make a guess what it is?

If you guessed buffalo scrotum, you would be right! Pictured above in all it's hairy glory is a genuine buffalo scrotum.   It is pretty big, actually.  Not as big as Donald Trumps, I hear.  But, pretty big!

Below is the finished product as displayed in their marketing brochure.   These are actually awesome!  Notice that the finished product has been closely shaved. I very much support the idea of shaved or trimmed if your mouth is going anywhere near it!

They are a bit pricey.   Todd said that they take longer to make because it is harder (no jokes please) to work the scrotum.   I told him that I wouldn't make it easy if it were my scrotum, either!

I like Todd.  He has a great sense of humor!

Thanks Todd and Sarah!  

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