Monday, October 31, 2016

Ahlman's Shooter RoundUp: The Gatling Gun!

I had to swing by the first Gatling Gun of the Civil War.  

The crew was very knowledgeable.   And, safety was paramount.  

With the Gatling Gun, you don't really aim.  You sort of point it in the right direction and start turning the handle. 

And, it makes a LOT of smoke and noise@

Very cool!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ahlman's Shooter's Roundup: Project Appleseed

Meet John from Project Appleseed!

Project Appleseed is a rifle marksmanship program designed to teach skills improvement in standing, sitting/kneeling, and prone positions.  The sessions take place over 2 days. 

It is one of the major initiatives of the Revolutionary War Veterans Association (a non-profit organization). 

I must admit, I am very interested in this and would love to try it.

Thanks John!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Alman's Shooters Roundup: Carry Permits

Meet Jamie and Dan from Chandler's Carry Permit training.  

They office out of Hastings, Minnesota.  But, they provide training all over the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Thanks Jamie and Dan!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Ahlman's Shooter Roundup: Author!

Meet Steve Ulman!

 Steve is the author of a book called "Blood on the Prairie".  It is a historical account of the Sioux uprising in 1862.   Also known as the Dakota War, it started with various Sioux parties along the Minnesota River in August of that year.  It ended with the mass execution of 38 Dakota men on December 26, 1862 in Mankato, Minnesota.

It was caused by a long series of treaty violations by the US and late annuity payments to Indian agents.  The Sioux were hungry and feeling betrayed and powerless.   The Sioux demanded that the annuity payments by-pass the Indian agents.   This would lessen the probability of theft and delay. 

Even though the Civil War was going on, the US sent troops to defend the settlers.  

Some estimates are that nearly 800 settlers, men, women, and children, were killed. 

To this day, members of the Sioux tribe still take horses and follow the Trail of Tears in December, to Mankato. 

It is, I believe, a horrible moment of our history when the strong and greedy took advantage of those less able to defend themselves. 

It was a pleasure meeting you, Steve.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ahlman's Shooter Roundup: MN Deer Hunters

Meet Tim (the father)

Meet Brandon (the son)

And meet Ruth (the mother!)

They were representing the MN Deer Hunters Association.  They hail from Waseca!

My sincere thanks!  It was a pleasure meeting all of you!  But, I don't believe I won the rifle as part of that raffle you were hosting.   Are you sure you didn't forget to call me? 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Ahlman's Shooter's Roundup: Archery

One of the fun things about Alman's show is that you can try a variety of hunting tools.  Certainly there are rifles and shotguns.  But, there is also ax throwing and archery. 

I remember having a bow when I was a kid.  Fortunately, my brother and I didn't shoot at each other with them like we did with the BiBi guns.   Although, I do recall catching an arrow in the ankle.  

I have thought about getting back into it, just for fun.  But, I have enough bad habits as it is.

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Ahlman's Shooter Roundup: Ducks Unlimited

Meet Jake and Janine!

They were representing Ducks Unlimited.  The organization is actively trying to preserve wetlands for ducks and geese. 

It was a pleasure meeting you both.  And, the weather was certainly conducive to duck hunting!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Ahlman's Shooter's Round-up!: Walking in

I decided to visit the Ahlman's Shooter's Roundup in Southern Minnesota again this year.  I attended last year and was really missing hearing protection.   So, this year, I brought ear muffs.   I should have brought a rain coat, too!  It was MUDDY and cool!

I walked in and saw the horses with steam coming off their backs. 

And, there aren't many places you can see a mastodon in the gun store. isn't real.  Don't get all excited about some crazy gun person shooting an extinct mastodon.

It was pretty cool!   MMMMMMM....I wonder if it will fit in my house.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Center Line Systems

Meet Mark!

Mark runs a business in Duluth, MN called Center Line Systems.   He has a wonderful, and proud, history with the US Army and CIA.  

Through his company, he offers a variety of high quality hunting, outdoor, and tactical products for those who are serious about the outdoors.  He additionally provides firearms training as well as training in situational awareness, disaster response (the first 72 hours), and is available to speak to various organization on his history, perspectives on various outdoor, survival, and preparedness topics.

Thanks Mark!  It was a pleasure meeting you.   I haven't been up to Duluth in many years.  I may need to change that, soon!


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Game Fair Participants

I couldn't resist asking for photos of the following two people.

Now, that is a cute little guy!

And, meet Ben, from Montana.   He grew up in the Minneapolis area.   But, he moved to Montana several years ago.  What a beard!!!

My sincere thanks to you, Ben.  And, my sincere thanks to your parents, little man!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Bird Banding and Identification

Meet Frank!

Frank is passionate about banding birds and tracking their movement across the US.  But, this is much more than a US based hobby.  Frank has been able to travel all over the world and has met people who share his passion.   He has even been entertained by Sheik's in the Middle East when he accompanied a veterinarian to the Middle East to care for an injured falcon. 

Their booth was blanketed with the flags of at least 50 different nations, including this one of our neighbor's to the north.  

It was a pleasure meeting you Frank.   And, I was thoroughly amazed at many wonderful experiences you have had with this passion.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Legacy in US Archery History

Meet Ann Clark!

It was my sincere pleasure meeting Ann.  She is now 91.   In 1953, she started bow hunting.   And, in 1954, she started competing against both men and women.   She was a member of the US Archery team in 1957.   At that time, she was one 3 women and 3 men on the team.  She, and that team, set records that stood for many years.

Her daughter, when she was 15, was also on a US team. 

Now, at 91, she has a little arthritis in her shoulder and she can't pull back the bow.   But, that hasn't stopped her from hunting.  She couldn't wait to get in the woods with her crossbow. 

Ann, it was my pleasure meeting you!   You have a wonderful passion!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dog Training

Meet Cooper of Big D's dog training.  He is a co-owner and has a PhD in Animal Science.  He used to train bomb and drug dogs in the Air Force. 

Cooper is very knowledgeable and friendly.  And, he is passionate about training dogs!

Thanks Cooper.  It was great chatting with you!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Custom Canvas Work

Meet Duane from Canvas Works!

And, meet his trusty companion who was keeping him company! 

Duane works with canvas to create custom boat and deck covers, and many other custom products  with a heavy duty canvas.   They also specialize in custom metal work, too!

If you find yourself in need of a cover of some sort and don't know where to turn, check him out here.

Thanks Duane!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Game Fair: A Family Business

Meet Shelley!

And, meet Alecia, her lovely daughter!

They run a family business called JD's Salsa.  They have created their own recipe for a powdered salsa that you can mix with water!  It doesn't spoil!!!  It is also glutton free and there are no sugar's or MSG!

And, I can tell you from personal experience, it was fantastic!!

Thanks ladies!  It was awesome!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Game Fair: The Gun Owners Caucus

Meet Sarah and Alecia!

As part of the Gun Owners Caucus, they support Second Amendment causes, legislation, and candidates.

I have met Sarah a few times.   She is polite, knowledgeable, and passionate about this cause.  

It was nice seeing you again.  And, it was lovely meeting you, Alecia!!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Game Fair: From Madelia!

Meet Mark

And, meet Doug!

Both were representing the Madelia gun club.   Madelia is perhaps 50-60 miles south of Minneapolis.   It is an area of beautiful fields and forests.   And, they have a great outdoors gun club available for trap shooting.  In fact, High School trap shooting is one of the fastest growing sports.  Their club provides practice space for a few schools!

Thanks guys!