Monday, November 21, 2016

Traveling in Canada

One of the things I like about my job, is that I get to travel to Canada.  Generally, I am just in the Toronto or Winnipeg areas.   I really like Winnipeg.   In my youth, I was a canoe guide in the Quetico Provincial Forest and BWCA.   I loved the woods.

So, I try to get out and see the area when I can.   It's better than sitting in a bar, at least for me.

On this trip, I managed to get to the Lower Fort Garry area.  Canada utilizes a lot of hydro-electric dams and sells some of its surplus electricity to the US.

I really wanted to grab a fishing rod and see how they were biting. 

 I'm not sure if this is totally accurate, it's been a long time, but I believe the last cast I made in Canadian water left me wanting to go back.   Just as the lure was about 6 feet away, something hit it.  The rod bent, the line broke, instantly.  It was HUGE.  And, I never saw it.

I wonder if that fish's great, great, great, great grandson is hiding in those waters.

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