Friday, January 20, 2017

Minneapolis Tattoo Convention: Old Timers and Legends!

In early January, Minneapolis hosts an annual tattoo convention.   Artists come from all over the US for 3 days to show of their work.  You can schedule appointments and get a tattoo right there!  I believe I attended this about 3 yrs ago and got some great photos.  So, it was time to go again.

Meet LeDan and his wife Jennie.  It was when I got home and was working on the photos that I realized I had photographed this couple before.   They are legends in the tattoo business.

LeDan's father, Eddie Peace, started the business in 1934.   LeDan and his wife took after his father's passing.   And, LeDan's son has started his own business, too.

Both LeDan and Jennie were delightful and charming.   And, coming from Evans, Georgia, they didn't complain too much about the cold!

It was my pleasure meeting both of you. 

Thank you.

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