Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Winnipeg Human Rights Museum: The Nazi's

Below is a lapel pin that was used for Hitler's party.    In German, it just means, "Yes".  My apologies for these not being great photos.  They were behind glass and it was very dark.

But, these two images were very powerful to me. 

I am keenly aware of how political and advertising slogans can be used to sway public opinion.   "Yes we can" was such a slogan.  So is, "Drain the swamp." 

But, they pale in comparison to these:  A simple word.  A simple patch to wear on clothing.

And, the result is 20,000,000 people died over 12-15 years.  Symbols and slogans matter.   I prefer to think critically about such things.   I am not a "rah rah" person.   I tend to wonder what something means...and what it could mean.

Don't believe what you see on TV or the internet.   Remember, everyone is biased.  Well, not me, of course.  But, everyone else.  

Try to lay aside your bias.  Hell, just try to be aware of what your bias is. Lay aside the noise. Just because some talking head says something, does not make it true.   

Think critically.

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