Wednesday, March 1, 2017

65th Wedding Anniversary

Today my parents celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary.  It is quite an accomplishment.  And, last Monday, they closed on their townhome where they have lived for 5 years.  They now live in a 2 bedroom apartment in a Senior Living Center near me. 

They are doing well.   They are meeting people.   They are having coffee with other residents.  

What impresses me the most is their level of planning.   They said they need one another.   Mom needs help putting her socks on.   Dad can't remember his meds.   Living where they are now, if one should become disabled or pass, the other can move to assisted living pretty quickly.

I've been very busy these last few weeks helping them pack and move.  It was interesting watching them part with things that had meaning in their lives.   There were stories. 

I didn't get much.  And, I didn't want much.   But, I do have my maternal grandfather's magnetic screw driver.  My dad said it was the best screw driver he's ever seen.   It has interchangeable heads in the handle.   One day, I will pass it on to my son.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.

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