Saturday, June 3, 2017

Fort Snelling: A Participant

Meet Bettie Lou

When I first saw her, she was walking very slowly toward the parade route.  It was a long walk.  She was alone.   After I did a few more photos, I saw her sitting on a bench away from the crowd.   So, I asked if I could take her photograph.  She smiled and said, "Goodness, yes!"

I asked if she was OK.  She said she can't walk far.  She said that she usually goes to a different cemetery on Memorial Day....where her parents are buried.  But, this was her first time at Fort Snelling on Memorial Day.

I asked her why she was here today.

She started to cry and said that she had buried her husband here two months ago.

The second photo was taken just a few seconds after that.

Later I caught up to her as I was walking to my car.  And, I asked her again if she needed any help.   She thanked me and said she was fine.

She is a strong, proud, and classy woman.  It was my sincere pleasure to meet her.

Thank you Betty Lou for your graciousness and your strength. You are an example for us all.

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