Monday, June 8, 2015

The Smooth Sounds of Jazz at the Fort Garry

Meet Walle Larsson!

And, meet his very accomplished keyboardist!

After a relaxing walk and glass of wine near the river in the afternoon, I went back to the hotel to wrap up the weeks work.   After that, time to head down to the bar and relax for a bit.  My flight was at 6:30 the next morning.   And, I had had enough work.

I was met my some very nice jazz music.   I asked if I could take a photo photos and Walle nodded.  

I actually had no idea who Walle was.  But, I loved the music.   On a break, he came over to the bar and chatted with me a bit.   He asked about the photos, my blog, etc.  And, he was gracious enough to invite me to join him the following Tuesday night for a concert in Winnipeg.   What a wonderful ask!!

Unfortunately, I was flying out in the morning.   BUT, I have found Walle's website and will try to time my next visit to Winnipeg when he is playing.   Maybe I can get a few more good photos!

Thanks Walle.  It was a pleasure meeting you!

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