Thursday, December 17, 2015

Chicago Museum of Art: van Gogh's "The Bedroom"

Once again, the Chicago Museum of Art's placard does a wonderful job describing this painting.

Painted in 1889, this is one (perhaps the first) of three versions of this scene of the interior of the "Yellow House", where he lived while in Arles (S. France).  This house was where he dreamed of a community of like minded artists could come and create art in a collaborative and supportive environments.

This was painted to be a simple bedroom, with vibrant colors.  The idea was to be relaxing and suggest rest, calm, peace and tranquility. 

Gauguin was van Gogh's guest at this time.   However, it ended badly after 2 months, shortly after van Gogh cut off his ear. 

The community of artists never materialized.   

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