Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Key West: Sloppy Joes: Music!

Meet Barry Cuda!   

He was doing songs all kinds of great jazz, pop, and blues songs.   And, he was selling his CD's. 

From his own website:
 Knocky Parker (from Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys) mentored him in Tampa 1975-7. He traveled to Chicago in the late 70’s and listened to Little Brother and Sunnyland Slim and furthered his love of all things New Orleans in the early 80’s while attending the New Orleans Jazz Fest and soaking up as much music as he could. Pianists he encountered and learned from in this period include James Booker, Roosevelt Sykes, and Cousin Joe as well as fellow piano “Junior G.I.’s” Diz Watson, Tom McDermott and Jon Cleary.

In 1981 he formed the Silver King Band and based the band in the Tampa Bay area. Consisting of harmonica powerhouse Rock Bottom and washboard player Flo Mingo, the band became one of the most successful bands in the area and developed a cult following in Scandinavia. He met Memphis Slim and Champion Jack Dupree during this time and gleamed as much knowledge as he could from these masters- not only piano and singing technique, but also showmanship.

The Silver King Band broke up in 1985 and tired of the rigors of touring, Cuda moved to Key West, Florida. He has lived and worked in the Keys since then with occasional forays to Europe. He continues to play solo gigs as well as team up with players that enjoy his aesthetic slant. He also continues to research and transcribe old piano blues instrumentals as well as early twentieth century Caribbean roots music. His album “Lonesome Mama” has received international acclaim and he has since released a companion CD of early rare blues instrumentals entitled “Snowy Morning Blues” (2011). He continues to play between 6 and 8 gigs a week in the Key West area.

In addition to “Lonesome Mama”, in the past 20 years he has released 3 CDs with the Silver King Band, 3 CDs with “Barry Cuda and the Sharks”, a solo collection of X- rated vintage R & B “After Hours Sex Party” and 3 other CDs including a 2010 release with “The Bong Hits For Geezers”; a band consisting of brass man Ted Mulet (band leader/arranger for Gloria Estefan, current lead trumpet for Blood Sweat and Tears), drummer Richard Crooks (Bob Dylan and Dr. John associate) and trumpet man Kenny Fradley (former horn arranger /player for Celia Cruz and Kid Creole).

 If you are interested in hearing some fantastic jazz and blues, check out his website here.
 Seriously, he was wonderful!

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