Saturday, July 1, 2017

Canada Day

Today is Canada Day.  Today, Canada celebrates it's birth, in 1867.  My understanding is that technically isn't exactly correct.  But, most Canadians will consider it the founding of Canada with a formal document that united three large provinces.  It was, however, still a British colony until 1982,

I get a chance to visit Canada often in my job.  And, I like going there.  I especially like Winnipeg.  It has a smaller, home town feel to it.   I have friends there.  And, I am not sure it is possible to walk down the street without them running into someone they know.

My Winnipeg friends are delightful, charming, hospitable, and more than willing to discuss American politics.  They have pointed out to me that most Canadians know a lot more about the US than the US citizen knows about Canada.  And, they are right.

So, I learned the provinces.   And, I learned a few of the prime ministers.  And, I listen to their news.  And, I watch their hockey.  I keep forgetting how many innings are in a hockey game.  But, they don't throw me out.

Happy Canada Day my friends.  I will see you in July!

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